Accused of Sexual Assault of a Child in Houston?

We Have Something To Say!

Children lie.

It’s the truth.

A concerned parent might feel marginalized if their child says that someone touched them inappropriately while being called a liar by either the suspect or another party.The truth is, people want to believe their kids and they should; especially if the child says they’ve been sexual assaulted.

The Truth of the Matter

False Allegations of Child Sex Abuse Are REAL

Under pressure, a child will say anything they think anyone wants them to say. They will tell you what you want to hear. So, if a cop looks a child in the eye, notwithstanding the intimidating nature of adults in the eyes of children, and ask them if they were sexually assaulted, chances are they’ll say YES! The same is true of parents, teachers, and doctors.

What’s a Defendant To Do?

Hire a Sex Crimes Lawyer

Every day, somewheres, in these United States of America, someone is lying on someone else. You see it with the Marxists & Communists in the Democrat Party at the expense of President Trump, fake racism (see Jesse Smallhat & NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace) and almost anywhere anything is being said on almost all major media outlets. But far more often, it happens at the police station and in family court. Child learn about sexual terms in school far too early in life and end up using that information to get attention for themselves, and mothers will often weaponize their children sexually, to use them against their husbands to benefit from the court systems favoritism towards women.

This is why people hire criminal defense lawyers that specialize in sex crimes. When there’s a professional working on your behalf, it hard to lose. If your life is on the live as a result of a false or overblown sex crime allegations, contact Jack B. Carroll & Associates in Houston at 713-228-4607 or consult an equally qualified criminal defense lawyer.